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2nd November 2018

Recipe: Crown Prince Squash with ricotta and mint

This most superior squash features all over our menus this autumn, and here's a recipe from Head Chef James Graham for those who fancy giving it a whirl at home. We grow the majority of our Crown Prince Squash in our kitchen garden, but we also buy from Bucksum in Long Crendon.


Crown Prince Squash (about 1kg)

250g ricotta cheese

120g feta cheese

50g toasted pumpkin seeds

Bunch of mint 100g

Garlic infused olive oil

Drizzle of balsamic vinegar

Salt and pepper


- Bake the squash whole in a preheated 160oc oven for one hour and twenty minutes. Check with a skewer that it is cooked through and give it a little more time if necessary.

- Once cooked, remove from the oven and carefully remove the skin. It will be very hot, but should peel easily.

- Split the pumpkin in half and carefully remove the seeds to toast.

- Arrange the cooked flesh on a serving platter.

- Crumble over the feta and ricotta.

- Scatter over the seeds and chopped mint.

- Drizzle with oil and vinegar.

- Serve as a sharing platter while still warm. Enjoy!

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