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2nd Novem,ber 2018

Introducing Our New Autumn Menus

Our new menu is here and it's full of the beautiful flavours and colours of autumn, making the best use of seasonal ingredients from our own farm and kitchen garden as well as our our preferred suppliers and local artisan producers.


Seasonal highlights include:

- Mushroom pâté with pickled shimeji, damson and rosemary brioche.

- Crown Prince Squash Risotto.

- Breast of Chilton Pheasant, with parsnips, leek and prune pie.

- Loin of cod, tartar potatoes, pickled mussels, parsley sauce.

- Confit pork belly with stuffed onion, cabbage and pear.

- Poached peach, cinnamon and almond crumble with apricot sauce.

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